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Global Alert

Global Alert allows you to report trash hotpots anywhere in the world's waterways or coastlines.  With citizen science, and our Global Alert app, together we can standardize the reporting of plastic pollution in our water.  Use Global Alert to empower your community for cleanups or ongoing river and creek management with booms, nets or catchment devices, to prevent plastic from flowing downstream.

What You Can Do

Hello! Welcome to Global Alert. It's hard to know where all plastic trash comes from or how much there is. By using Global Alert, you can play a pivotal role for communities to identify where they need to take action to prevent plastic from polluting our waters.

FAQ's & Help

Global Alert is an innovative online tool that will increase interaction and connectivity to the issues of plastic in our waters by allowing users to report, rate and map plastic pollution levels in their watershed and coastlines.

Terms of Use

Through your use of this Global Alert (GA) platform, you agree to the following terms and conditions (the "agreement") governing your use of GA's online service, including offline components (collectively, the "Service"). 

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